Getting Pearly

Oh pearls! Pearls are timeless pieces to add to your collection.  These lovely layers of nacre radiate beauty and femininity. Pearls are created inside of shells like clams and oysters. The pearl creation process can be done naturally through organisms in the water or the cultured process, which requires some help from human interaction to get started. Pearls come in all colors, shapes and sizes to suit any taste. Pearls can really range in price and quality so make sure to do your research if you are looking to invest! I love pearls simply because they add a touch of elegance to everything and anything! Throw on a strand of pearls over a v-neck white tee or with a LDB.

Here are some of my favorite pearl looks. Share your favorite in the comments!

Layered pearls + pearl studs with a plain casual shirt.


Layered pearls to dress up your wedding guest attire. Can't forget the bling too ;-)


Classic pearl studs (PINK and WHITE!)


Long knotted layered pearls.


Pearls and diamonds with a halo? What more could a girl want!

JYB Jewels Vintage Twin Ring