Summertime Jewel Survival Guide

TGIF and three cheers for the weekend! We all enjoy the peak of summer July through August, who doesn’t? The frequent beach trips, spontaneous last minute getaways, basking in the sunrays, delicious food festivals and oh so more! It is the best time of the season to enjoy, but think twice about bringing along those beloved jewels.

Here are a few tips to make sure your jewels stay their best throughout the summertime!

Protect your skin and jewels
With UV rays beaming to their maximum, it is important to lather on that sunscreen. While it may be an excellent idea to prevent sunspots and wrinkles, it is not the best idea for your jewels! Overtime lotions and sprays will adhere to your jewelry making for cloudy stones. Who wants a stone that does not sparkle – NO THANK YOU! In addition, some heat treated stones may change color if exposed to too much direct sunlight. If you are going to slather on the sunscreen, take off your precious jewels and wait till the product dries. Better yet, I would leave those beauties safe in your jewelry box. 

Sand Sans Jewels
I just love a good trip to the beach! There is nothing like sand between your toes, and who doesn’t like to pick up a handful of sand and watch it fall through the cracks of your fingers. This might be fun for your, but certainly not your rings! Sand can be damaging to the surface of your stones causing scratches and dulling to those softer stones. These little grains can get into the little crevices of your ring settings too and trust me it is not easy to get out once it is stuck in there. Again, if you will be constructing sand castles galore, I would leave the jewels at home and opt for a fun pair of costume earrings.

Dip and Dive
I am a big dipper when I am sunning my buns! I am sure a lot of you can relate and probably do this too. It is when you lay out to the point you think you are going to boil, and then you take a dip in the water to cool down. The heat often makes fingers swell and the cold makes them shrink! This hot and cold combo can cause your rings to become loose in the water, and easy enough they can slip off into a pool filter or even worse the dark abyss of the ocean. If you are going to go for a dip, I would remove all and any jewelry! This not only goes for rings, but bracelets, necklaces and earrings! 

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