The Great Eternity Debate

Literally, it is the never ending eternity band question. What is the best choice for a band? Do you go with an eternity band with stones around the entire setting? Do you go with the half eternity with stones half way around or do you find a happy medium with three fourths around the band? My answer comes down to personal preference by weighing the pros and cons based on your lifestyle.

Eternity Gals – This would be someone who may baby their jewelry and work in a lightly active workplace with minimal usage of their hands. The pros of an eternity band is never having to worry about the spin factor, which is constantly checking to see if your stones are facing up or down. The spin factor doesn’t happen on everyone, but most fingers fluctuate in sizes based on body and environmental temperature. The cons is that the ring cannot likely be resized unless you have a spring or balls added to make a setting smaller. You are pretty much forever stuck with that size so you better hope your fingers stay the same size. There is always the option of reuse and recycling the setting and stones into something even more fabulous!

Partial Eternity Gals – This would be ideal for someone who might be more active with their hands or mommies! The pros are these are more cost effective so you can likely get more bands for the price of one. If you are big on stacking, this would be a good option for those on a budget. The other upside is resizing can be done within reason. It is likely your fingers will change size due to life body changes so having the option to resize a piece that no longer fits it always a bonus in my book! The comfort of a partial eternity is more comfy for me when I have higher up settings. If stones creep around to the sides of my fingers, I will get a “finger window” where your fingers no longer touch because there are stones in between! The down side of partial eternities is the spin factor. If you have a band with only stones half way around any movement might show some of the metal causing some of your sparkle to be unseen. This can be solved with a three fourths eternity, which has better coverage than a half.

I am 100% an eternity gal if it’s a simple band, but usually go three fourths if there is a center stone taking the stage. What type of jewelry wearer are you? Do you prefer eternity bands or partial bands? Whatever type of eternity or semi-eternity wearer you are, I would recommend taking off your pretties while doing any type of vigorous activity with your hands to ensure the longevity of your pieces. 

XO.XO. Stay Sassy & Sparkly.