Moissanite! Moissanite! Moissanite!

The times have changed of what is the societal "norm" for an engagement ring. There are many diamond alternatives that couples are starting to explore from colored stones to lab grown stones to synthetic stones.

One of my favorite diamond alternatives is moissanite, which is a man-made stone made up of silcone carbide. The history behind moissanite all started among the stars fifty thousand years ago when a meteorite crashed into Earth. The remains from this crash left a wonderful brilliant and strong crystal behind that was later named moissanite by the founder Dr. Henri Moissan. The results of this crash were replicated by scientists and moissanite is now able to be grown in a lab setting.

Moissanite is one of the hardest stones in the world ranking 9.25 on the Mohs scale, while the diamond ranks at 10. This means the stone is quite tough and can stand the test of time. Of course it is important to take your jewels to the spa and regular check-ups to make sure it is looking the best! The refractive index and light dispersion of moissanite is greater than a diamond, which gives off that extra sparkle. Who doesn’t love some extra sparkle on their hand, ears or neck? Moissanite comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors!

JYB Jewels loves to work with moissanite and has an extraordinary team of artisans that know how to handle and care for this type of stone. The low cost of moissanite compared to diamonds allows the possibilities of a piece(s) to be endless. After all, every gal deserves to have a collection of jewels right? Keep checking back on our blog for some of our latest moissanite projects. If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact us too!

XO.XO. Stay Sassy & Sparkly.